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Oct 18
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Oct 17
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Oct 17
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Oct 13

Today my eyes are sore.
Not only because I finally finished my IT requirement but also because I cried so hard knowing I found hope and the Lord has provided me not only a blessing but a lesson.
Thank you Lord and Ma’am for passing me. This will forever remind me to work harder and pray more.

Accounting, you will be tamed

Oct 12
Best mom award goes to

Mom goes out and asks what i want, i asked for fruits. She leaves at 2pm
I slept and woke up 5:30pm
Checks phone, no service
At about 7pm she still isn’t home.
Tried calling her but still no service, so I ask my friend to call her but she won’t answer.
There was no food left for dinner just a half eaten chicken from her lunch.
I eat it for my dinner.
I looked for other food but The food at home are not the ones I eat cause my snacks are usually fruits. So. I try eating cornchips and drank lots of water.
8pm the phone service was back up, so I called her and she said she was busy.
Ok at least she was fine. I was so worried.
By 9pm she got back with a bag of shoes specifically crocs.
No food. No fruits. Just shoes. So I just ignored. When my mom does groceries she buys food she likes. So she ate her dinner.
I asked why she is so late.
She said she was waiting for the shoes prices to go down.
She waited 7hrs to buy for shoes.
I asked about the fruits.
She complained that she went home late in the evening why would I expect for her to buy fruits.
Ignored. She offered oreos for dinner.
I hate sweets.
Im hungry.